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11 March 2016

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Spring Fireworks
12 April 2013

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8 January 2013

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The Golden Hour
30 March 2012

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6 February 2012

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Passing By
17 November 2011

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Autumn Flight
18 December 2010

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Winter Cabbages
22 January 2009

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Born to Run
2 October 2008

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25 August 2008

Recent Comments

Aubélia on Rainy Season, 4 (梅雨)
Beautiful work.

Olivier Rault on Greetings 「ご挨拶」
Beautiful scene, thank you for this photo

Olivier Rault on The Gods in Winter (崇道神社)
It's absolutely wonderful, I love Japanese culture. Beautiful picture !

Susanne on
I have followed your posts for years now, not regularly but always with admiration. You are my window into your great ...

Hiro on
お久しぶりです。 I hope you keep posting.

Steve Rice on
Neat shot! Good to see you back.

Denny Jump on 知恩院
This is wonderful, GJC ;-) I hope you have been well ;-)

Anita on 紅葉
The colors have it.

Anita on 知恩院
Nature in various forms.

omid on 知恩院
ℋappy ♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸ ¸ ¸. • * ¨ * • New ♫ ♪ ♫ ...

Hiro on 紅葉

Steve Rice on 知恩院

Existence Artistique on 知恩院

Steve Rice on 紅葉
Beautiful leaves and torii.

omid on 紅葉

Mireille T. on 紅葉
Welcome back! Red is such a beautiful colour!

Existence Artistique on 紅葉

Sugata on Land of the Gods
Very nice composition and great range of colours!

Anita on A Moment for Prayer
I love the gorgeous kimonos.

Anita on A Moment with the Gods
Gorgeous light and dark--one of your specialties. Great framing. The person looks appropriately small in the sacred ...

Anita on Harmony in Brown, Green and Red

Anita on Land of the Gods
So glad to see your photos.

Linda on Land of the Gods
Lovely photo!

Denny Jump Photo on Land of the Gods
Beautiful, indeed....I like the peaceful reverence that is quite nicely shown in this image :-) All the Best to you and ...

Steve Rice on Land of the Gods
Beautiful light, temple, and ladies.

Malcolm on Harmony in Brown, Green and Red
I am enjoying your colour palette. I like the hint of red in the browns that unify the warm composition and the ...

Steve Rice on Harmony in Brown, Green and Red
Perfect! This is gorgeous.

Hiro on Harmony in Brown, Green and Red
very nice harmony

L'Angevine on Harmony in Brown, Green and Red

Steve Rice on A Moment with the Gods
Wow, this is gorgeous!

Anita Bower on お祈り
It is hard to find time for photography when one has a job and a family.

Anita Bower on Mother's Wish 「お母さんの希望」
Modern and ancient.

L'Angevine on A Clean Sweep
je me sens entrer dans le sujet que j'adore

Moridi on A Clean Sweep
Very good capture. Superb.

Steve Rice on A Clean Sweep
A beautiful shot of the tools to keep the garden tidy.

omid on A Clean Sweep
:) very nice shot! such beautiful frame, colors & lights! Amazing shadows!

Hiro on A Clean Sweep
よい被写体を見つけましたね。光の具合もvery goodです。

L'Angevine on A Moment for Prayer
oh trop beau

Steve Rice on A Moment for Prayer

Hiro on A Moment for Prayer

Hiro on Endless Love

L'Angevine on Endless Love
un cliché bien recherché

Steve Rice on Endless Love
Let's hope they all end well. Some anyway. ;-)

L'Angevine on Hints of Spring, 2
un bon partage

Steve Rice on Hints of Spring, 2

Moridi on Hints of Spring, 2
Very beautiful capture.

Denny Jump Photo on Hints of Spring, 2
So beautiful! We get teased by spring - then cold returns...

MEC on Hints of Spring, 2
Very nice composition!

Hiro on Hints of Spring, 2
Wonderful composition and marvelous colors ! Joy Spring !

Ana Lúcia on Hints of Spring, 2
Spirit of spring is there! Nice pov.

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